Bivy Bags and Tarps: Making your Own

homemade-bivy-bagYvette is off very shortly on her latest expedition from the top end of the Pennine Way through to Knoydart on the west coast of Scotland – a distance of 320 miles – carrying just homemade Pemmican and Sauerkraut for food, foraging, (even eating worms) and sleeping rough. Here she is updating her kit by making a new custom-made bivy bag to her own spec and a ultra-lightweight tarp cut again to her own design and to fit her needs.

There are three reasons for doing this are: Firstly we can’t afford to buy expensive lightweight kit, and secondly she struggled to find equipment that matched her rather exact requirements, so she decided to buy the material and make them herself. The third reason is that the ethics of this expedition is very much about self-reliance and living by your own hands and therefore making your kit feels right, rather than going to a store and buying it!

Heer Yvette is stitching together the bivy bag which is made from a coated and breathable microfibre and the tarp  – which Yvette has already finished – is made from a silicon coated ripstop nylon.


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