Blog entry 22nd Feb 17.

Just seven weeks to go before I leave. I feel more excited than worried this time, which is disconcerting – and starting to worry me! The distance I need to cover is much further than either of the legs already completed, and my rations will be even more pared-down. April in Scotland is a bit of a gamble, since snow and cold could knock me back. Till now, though, Spring has been my favoured season so I hope for the same again.

A few things I have treated myself to are a new pair of mountain boots that are designed for feet with bunions. If my feet get damaged as much as last time I won’t make the distance, so they are make-or-break. The other new thing is a pack that doesn’t absorb water and fits my back better. It is 65 litres capacity rather than 70 so that is a concern with having to carry so much more pemmican and sauerkraut. The foraging won’t be very good so early in the year so I need to be careful that I carry enough. The other thing about Spring is a lack of good leaf cover of course, but so far on the expedition that’s not been too difficult to get around – though there are stretches alone the South of Scotland that will be quite urban.

My bivi bag and poncho have seen better days and the bag is quite leaky so I’m making new ones. Great fun! I might have been a bit too generous with the size of the bag for my legs, but I would rather that than suffer the pain of an immobile hip. Looking forward to trying it out in a week or so when it’s finished. The basha is finished now, in a neat 7-sided design that seems to work really well. Pictures to follow when both are done.

Homemade Bivy Bag and Tarp

Bivy Bag


One thought on “Blog entry 22nd Feb 17.

  1. Thanks for posting these. They are inspirational and fascinating. Hope all goes well and the weather is kind to you.


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