Blog Entry: Completely Unfit, and Possibly Diseased?

There’s now one week remaining. This settled weather is just what I would like for my expedition, but it has come too early for me. The May downturn looks like coming sooner this year, so I’m most likely going to be starting out over the Cheviots in the wet, or even the snow. That’ll be hard, especially if things don’t pick up. Spending too long soaking wet is dismal.

Today I went to the gym for the first time in a month. It is the only time I can recall going easy on a session. I’m really trying to look on the positive side of things but my health is still a worry. At night I’ve had sweats and vomiting and difficulty breathing, with no appetite in the day and a feeling of dehydration. When I eat a meal it makes me feel ill. Added to that I have some bites on my legs and torso, as well as a rash on my arm that itches and isn’t going away. I don’t think the two are connected, but the combined effect makes my skin crawl. After fumigating the bedroom for fleas and bedbugs, incase it was one or other, the bites have lessened but the patch of dermatitis/eczema/whatever won’t shift.

That alone spurs me on to get outside so I don’t have to live with the microorganisms that share the house – that share my bed! It has to be healthier to live as a nomad rather than in situ with a burgeoning population of cosseted parasites. Given that over-cleaning is as unhealthy as over-crowding, the answer to unsanitary living conditions should be to spread out more and move about, not just perform ever more industrial cleansing.

So, coming back to the main theme here, whilst I should be keeping up my fitness I’ve shied away from exercise, thinking that I might do myself more harm than good. Thankfully the hip pain has reduced, which adds to my feeling of wanting to rest so as not to set it off.

Will I be embarking on this expedition completely unfit, and possibly diseased?


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