Blog Entry: Moving Northward

[Written by Andy]: It has been four days since I dropped Yvette off at Byrness on the top of the Pennine Way amongst the pines of Kielder Forest and the high open moorland of the Cheviot Hills and I have very little information except for the following.

In the true keeping of the expedition where Yvette did not want to be tracked or be easily contactable, Yvette has only just sent a brief message to let me know that she is OK and had completed the Pennine Way sometime on Saturday by passing through Kirk Yetholm. It is ironic, that as Yvette is living purely from what she can carry or forage, she would have ignored the temptation of the Border Hotel that has acted the official end of the Way and simply carried on her way.

However, for the first time since stepping on to the beginnings of the Pennine Hills down in Dovedale in Derbyshire 300 miles away, she is no longer walking across or sleeping on high moorland and is now crossing the Scottish Borders towards Glasgow and the start of the West Highland Way towards Fort William. This section is about 140 miles in length and therefore I might hear from her sometime after next weekend.

The weather seems to be holding for her, although she did mention that her bivies had been cold, but claimed to have slept very well, which is good as she is using a tarp and bivi bag that she made herself and had been fairly untested.

Bivy Bag


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