110 miles

(Written by Andy): This is what you look like after walking 110 miles in six days, living from what is in your rucksac and sleeping in the hedgerows or some secluded grove of trees, if you are lucky.

The Forth Bridge beckons in the distance, from Yvette’s vantage up on the Pentland Hills. However she is not heading that way, but instead passing through Falkirk – an ancestral home for the Primrose clan – on her way to the north of Glasgow and the start of the West Highland Way to Fort William.

Yvette claims to have had, what she described as a “wobbly bit” on Wednesday night, but gave herself a good talking to and seem OK after that. 

The weather is still holding fair for her. Not warm, but at least not hitting her head on with wind and rain. If you look veerrryy carefully at the image below, you will she the Forth Bridge in the far distance.


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