220 miles: Loch Lomond, Sorrel, Bitter Cress and Thistle Roots

We had a very quiet period over the last 4 days whilst Yvette traveled from the top of the south Scotland Way on to the West Highland Way. It it never easy not worry when four days pass without any information about her whereabouts, but we have an unwritten understanding that there will be times that either communication isn’t possible or that Yvette would rather not spend time contacting us for whatever reason, and therefore we have to sometimes sit tight. However the rule is that after four days, Yvette would need to get some message to us by other means, even if it requires a diversion off her path.

Last night however, Yvette sent a brief message to let us know that she was near the top of Loch Lomond and heading towards Bridge of Orchy, very much in the Scottish Highlands. Yvette has therefore completed nearly 220 miles and from the little information we know, she is beginning to run low on supplies and is now foraging for plants and roots to supplement her diet – and has sent through a picture of what she is subsisting on now, along with her pemmican.

Foraged plants on West Highland Way
Sorrel, Bitter Cress and Thistle Roots

She states that it is cold and she has been slowed up by the need to forage and due to a very strong head wind from the north. However, as you can see from the image, she is still smiling and enjoying herself immensely, her bed is warm at night and her clothing is keeping her warm during the day.

We expect her in Fort William sometime during or after the next weekend, but her need to source additional food supplies might hold her up a wee bit!

Loch Lomond West Highland Way



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