Fort William

At 2pm today Yvette confirmed that she had arrived at Fort William, hungry and cold, but supposedly gave a yelp of joy and crossed to the other side……of the loch and carried on her way to the start of Glen Finnian without sampling the delights of the town. 280 miles down and only 40 very rugged miles left across the roadless and inhabited moorland of Knoydart. It is without question a true epic of endurance that would test the most hardened of adventurers to have completed so many miles on foot in only 2 weeks, without support and living of very meagre supplies and what can be foraged. I kind of doubt many could it – or want to-  or lasted the distance with no rests days or support. Even wizened military men doubted this adventure and after having proved otherwise, noted that experienced soldiers would have struggled and many would have fallen by the wayside with this kind of pace and logistics.


One thought on “Fort William

  1. You’ve given me goose pimples reading your post & thinking about the huge task Yvette is undertaking & how her inner strength is just astonishing! “Mind over matter” just doesn’t do enough to describe the remarkable effort & will that Yvette has. She’s a modern day superwoman & should be so proud & honoured to be completing such a incomprehensible feet that only few could complete. AMAZING!!


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