Expedition from the Back Door: Talk – Friday 4th August 7:30pm in Ditton Priors

A talk by Yvette Primrose, at her studio opposite the Willows Cafe, Oak Farm, Ditton Priors, Shropshire about her unique journey on foot from Shropshire to Knoydart on the west coast of Scotland. Friday 4th August at 7:30pm, tickets on the door of £3.00.

Expedition Map

A journey on foot me, a fifty year old woman suffering from chronic osteoarthritis of the hip and the vestiges of  breaking  my back 15 years ago whilst climbing. I started by stepping out of the back door of my tiny house in rural Shropshire, and finished in Knoydart, after: Walking 660 miles, sleeping rough, eating homemade pemmican and sauerkraut, foraging for leaves, roots and seaweed, suffering ‘dysentery’, dehydration and macerated feet. I was a stone  and a half lighter and an inch and a half shorter!


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