The Biggest Physical Challenge

I admit that it’s not many people who would carry pots of paint, brushes, sandpaper, wood filler and other decorating accoutrements, across eight miles of hard, rough tracks using the same three wheeled stroller that your daughter used to be carried in ten years previously. Especially when you also have to factor in the other of life’s essentials; food, drink, warm clothes, a tent and sleeping bags. On our Farafoot Bushcraft survival courses, we explain the four principles of survival; Fire, Shelter, Food and Water, but we never mentioned anything about decorating.

It was very timely therefore, that as I was making my way back up to Mull and ultimately to the isle of Gometra, and was safely at that point on the significantly larger of the two ferries that make up our journey, that I should be asked by Shropshire Radio to conduct a phone interview about ‘my hardest physical challenge’.

Biggest Physical Challenge
Andy pushing the stroller carrying decorating stuff up the last and perhaps worst hill on the way to the cottage on Gometra, Isle of Mull, Behind him in the distance is the remote Ardmeanach Peninsula on the west coast of Mull, Inch Kenneth and western end of Loch na Keal

For me, standing as I was on the open deck of the Oban to Mull Ferry, the answer was obvious, for when ‘popping’ back to pick up the paint involves an eight hour round trip on foot of sixteen miles across rough, boggy, steep, often flooded and rutted tracks with a short ferry crossing that may or may not be running depending on the weather. With the knowledge that once you start there is no shelter so you either carry on or you turn back should the weather turn ‘blue’ on you. You have got to really want to decorate!

The interview is about 15 minutes in

Gometra Houses
Cottages on Gometra

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