A Running Commentary: First Run on the new Hip

It’s almost three months since my hip replacement, so nearly time to get running again. My compromise is that, to gain the extra nine days till the official three month go-ahead I will only run uphill or on soft ground. That way the impact of each stride will be lessened, but the muscle work-out will be high.

When I first started running I used to like running on roads because you get back so much energy through the hard foot-strike. That’s one of the reasons that it can be hard to transition to fells, or even to trails, and why you can end up much more muscular as an off-roader.

Anyhow, the important thing about this inaugural run is that, after over ten years of hampered movement, and at least three of excruciating pain, I ran completely unimpeded. I still tended to protect my right hip, but not through pain, so I could stop the loping sideways just be noticing it.

Yvette running up incline
Yvette’s 1st run, running up the 1 in 4 (20%) incline on Brown Clee Hill

And now, of course, I’m wondering just how far I can push myself. That’s not to say I’m going to test it to destruction – it’s far too important to be able to walk – but I am going to build on what I’ve got.

Hip replacement scar 3 months
The Hip replacement scar on the outside of the hip after 3 months.

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