Rafting for Beginners. Tuesday 19th June

We found out a few days ago that we’ve been mis-naming our cottage on Gometra, which is funny I suppose. We don’t know where we are going, which I hope isn’t the same as not knowing what we’re doing! It makes my coinage ‘Expedition to the Front door’ seem more apt.

Over the past month we’ve been up and down to Gometra three times: first to start the renovating, then I went alone for the job interview at Ulva Primary School (which I didn’t get), and this week we are off to make ourselves known to, and get to know, the Ulva Community Buyout Committee. They have won their bid to buy Ulva, so now their work begins on developing the prospects for the Islanders.

At the same time as establishing our future, we are emptying our cottage in Ditton to rent out, which involves selling our most valuable things to improve our desperate finances. At least we can get rid of most of our utility bills – and also our electrical goods. We get one month’s grace to get a tenant before full council tax in Ditton is levied back on us.

Three months today I got my new hip, which is makes it possible to cope. I have all the energy back that the pain was sapping away. That includes the energy to concentrate on the nuisance admin. that moving creates. It’s a good job that I’m up to it because Andy, with all his strengths, is pretty weak in that department.

When a whole family has to move there’s a high emotional load. I think we’ve shifted from the scary bit where you have one foot on one raft and the other foot on a disconnected raft, trying to assume control of both (and each other) as they drift apart. We are now settled (resigned to our fate) on the one that is going to sea!

I applied for re-direction of the mail today – not really knowing what our house is actually called, or at least what we will call it. So the first line is merely, ‘Primroses, Isle of Gometra’.


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