Waiting for the Storm

We are sitting at the kitchen table in the candle light, whiskys to warm us in lieu of the stove that refuses to stay lit. The water level in the rim of the sauerkraut pot has been rising and falling like a demented barometer, making it really hard to keep it properly filled. It is a prelude to the storm that we are waiting for; Storm Ali. In fact, we feel like its already hit us, since whilst we were riding tbe quad bike back yesterday after a shopping trip and a social visit, we had to weather hail, rain and serious gusts, making it hard to know whether, when we had briefly lost Faffy dog, it was because she had fallen off the back, or chose to jump!

Anyhow, after a day drying all the heaped up clothes and bags, replacing roof slates, clearing gutters and drains, as well as doing completely unnecessary plumbing improvements inside the house, and finally bringing the solar panel in for the night, we are sitting in the ominous, dark silence, wondering what is going to happen next.

Before dusk, the sun lit up the Ross of Mull, Iona and Little (Wee) Colonsay, so that they looked closer than we had ever seen them, and details that usually escape us, were easy to pick out. Jura’s distinctive profile was visible beyond. We went out to the beach, since the sunlight was so inviting after days of rain, and we thought Faffy might need to stretch her legs a bit (although she mainly concentrated on eating dead crab), but from there the outlook was obvious; rain already lashing Iona and approaching Staffa, and black clouds building along the entire horizon. We’ve been warned by almost everyone who knows anything about Gometra that the storm might take a toll on us.

Legging back up the steep hill with our booty from the beach, (a boggieboard, a net for a hammock, boat fuel tank, and a bucket, amongst other things), we passed Rhoda’s Landrover, and further up the track we found random parts, (the exhaust and a window winder). She had abondoned it during yesterday’s heavy weather after a tyre blow out at Windy Corner, where she had hit a rock too sharply, but she made it back before the storm to hunker down, as we are and wait….and I don’t mind saying that, along with the most serious people out here, we wait with a degree of excitement.


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