An Abortive Attempt to get Katy Home

Its Andy. I managed to get up to Iona on Tuesday to visit the Iona Community at Camas about the possibility of a job. We were lucky that those that went just managed to get in and back again on the small ferry that crosses over to Iona. I did managed to see Katy in Oban, the first time in two months, but I wasn’t so lucky with Yvette, even though I could see the lights of the house across the six miles of water that separate Iona from Gometra. That’s how difficult Gometra is to reach, even from Mull.

Katy has also been less lucky. She tried to get across on the sailing to Mull this morning, only to find that the ferry couldn’t dock at Craignure because of the wind. Therefore, within touching distance of Yvette, the ferry turned back to Oban. This therefore will be Katy’s first weekend at the hostel so she was upset, particularly as the rest of the island children managed to get across on an earlier crossing.

The trouble for us is that its just not possible for Yvette to go any earlier than she does and its a big risk for Katy to head over to Mull on the ferry before Yvette knows she can cross over from Gometra. Each island brings its only distinct problems that have to be solved.

It looks like the wind and weather are going to deteriorate from now until Sunday with a lot of snow and ice forecast with storm force winds and therefore its a case of hunker down and ride it out.


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