Roc Sandford talks about Gometra

This is a podcast about Gometra and Roc Sandford from a series of podcasts on the Soundcloud app, recorded by Alasdair and Georgia Satchel from Dervaig about the lives of people of the Isles of Mull, Iona, Ulva and Gometra.

In this particular podcast, Roc – who bought Gometra in the 1980’s and was very kind in letting us make Gometra our home – explains how he came to buy Gometra, the history of the island and its numerous clan owners, his own very surprising familial connection with the island, and the totally fascinating background of his own family – which includes the first person credited with having installed a bath in a caravan!

We even get a mention at the very end of the podcast, (not that that is important obviously).

I found this podcast purely by accident, but I will go on to listen to the rest, which give a spectacular insight into the lives of the people who live and work on the islands and their stories. The link to the podcast about Gometra on soundcloud can be found at the bottom. But the website for all the podcasts by Alasdair and Georgia can be found at What We Do In The Winter.

Roc Sandford by What We Do In The Winter


2 thoughts on “Roc Sandford talks about Gometra

  1. Hi Both, hope you are well?
    We (Helena and Mike) were wondering if we still have ‘backup’ for Stella? – she is doing remarkably well by the way!
    The reason for our question is Helena tried to contact Louise and Andy a few days ago, but got no response.
    Regards from all 4 of us!


    1. Hi Mike. So sorry about that. Lou did mention it to me, but I forgot it because I was concentrating on my neck. The answer is yes of course and I’ll speak to lou about it because I think she said it was fine. I was also going to thank you two so much for Katy’s presents, which she absolutely adored and wears all the time at the house, particularly the socks. Perhaps we should catch up next week with a phone chat. Andy.


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