Gometra In the Winter

Its Andy: Nothing much to say other than these are some of the spectacular pictures taken by Yvette this winter on the Isle of Gometra.

The 8 mile long ‘Main Road’ from Gometra to Ulva Ferry. This is one of the decent bits. The rest is very rocky with a lot of deep puddles. This is how we reach ‘civilisation’ using the quad bike.
In the distance – Ben More on the Ardmeanach Pennisula on Mull – where very few people live.
Ulva Ferry – our destination is just in the centre of the picture – look closely – its an hour on a quad bike in most weathers. Any quicker is too dangerous as the track is extremely rocky
Taken today – 30th January 2019 – by Yvette from Faery Cottage on Gometra
A close up of the view across to Ardmeanach Peninsular on Mall from Faery Cottage on Gometra
Yvette watching the snow bump into Ben More on Mull.
Yvette said that this was mostly sleet, rather than snow. Gometra doesn’t get much snow that lies, because of the closeness to the sea and the Gulf Stream.
Sun coming through the window that lifts Yvette’s spirits as it charges the solar panel and therefore the phone – her only means of communication as the nearest person is a hour away on a quad bike across the islands. No reason to PANIC though!
An early school run to Oban for Katy as the weather the previous day was too bad for her to go. Poor Katy doesn’t do early mornings and it was really cold. This is about 9am on a Monday morning at Ulva Boathouse waiting for the ferry that you can see coming over (left hand side of picture)
This Cockerel is really old but has survived the eagles etc. Mara our new cat and him are sizing themselves up either side of the kitchen window sill.
This is probably an Iron Age roundhouse down at what we call the Beach. Looks like a collection of stones but is probably nearly 2500 years old.
An early morning back in December with the sun rising after 9am over the Ardmeanach Peninsular with the Ross of the mull stretching across the centre of the image, down to Iona.
A close up of the above. Winter is very special because of the light – or lack of it!

2 thoughts on “Gometra In the Winter

  1. Good to see photos and read how you are faring. The sea weed you sent is deliciously sea flavoured, feels very special to have a taste of Gometra, Thank you.

    So much wood here I do hope you can get the driftwood from island off island to the power of three or four?


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