Yvette outside of her tent 2

This blog represents a convergence of my lifelong passion for outdoor experience, my pursuit of physical and mental challenges, my background as a psychologist and my love of writing.

Until 2013 I directed a doctoral training programme for Psychologists at The University of Wolverhampton. After 10 years working in the academic world I made the radical move to take up Farafoot Bushcraft and Survival as my full time occupation, little did I know then that I would also end up also working in a tiny rural post office, in a pub as a chef, trying to get published as a writer, making buckskin from deer hides and making a huge number of items such as traditional moccasins from the results…all at the same time.

On the physical front, I’ve been running since the late 1980s and was women’s fell running champion for Mercia, Shropshire in 2003 and 2004. After this I took up so-called ultra distance running and did well on the ultra-running circuit, I also loved running in the OMM (Original Mountain Marathon).

Added to a complete love of running, I’ve also been besotted with climbing and mountaineering, however this passion also led to a life-changing accident, when I suffered a serious spinal injury falling from a lead climb in Snowdonia (referenced in my first blog, Zambezi: Surviving Dinorwig Quarry.). My preference has since been for winter climbing on snow and ice rather than cragging, particularly in the Alps and Himalayas. I especially enjoyed summiting the Matterhorn and climbing to the North Col of Everest.

My aims now are to write more and to continue my life-long interest in challenge myself physically, particularly as I enter my fifth decade – with the menopause and degenerative hip disease trying to slow me down and many medical professionals telling me that I’m getting old and this is what I should expect! Sod that!