Expeditions do not always have to be in far flung places or require huge logistics or money. An expedition is always as much a mental or internalised journey as well as a product of geography.

Expeditions can have a social aspect and in this respect the idea of a lone woman, a mother and a wife heading off with no support into the British countryside, sleeping rough, eating little and pushing herself hard contradicts the normal perceived concept of what a woman should do.

‘Expeditions’ as conceived here are not the norm for the British Isles: the idea of crossing them without prescribed places of rest and carefully organised daily schedules, that allow us to arrive at a place of ‘legitimised camping’, challenges the social conventions that dictate how we ought to behave. In other countries, of course, backpacking is common, however, the climatic conditions in those places tend not to face you with cold wetness (driving rain, drizzle, fog, storms, hill snow) alongside humid heat in the summer (sunburn, heat stroke, electrical storms, hail) in quite such an unrelenting way! it is easy to keep your health and morale up when you are warm, or at least dry.

Whether a man or a woman, sometimes the hardest thing to do is just to step out of your back door with little idea of where you might go and where you might end up sleeping that night.